An American Haunting Brent Monahan

ISBN: 9780641956522

Published: May 2nd 2006


208 pages


An American Haunting  by  Brent Monahan

An American Haunting by Brent Monahan
May 2nd 2006 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 208 pages | ISBN: 9780641956522 | 7.73 Mb

Since my parents currently live in Tennessee, the Bell Witch story has been a frequent source of conversation between myself and my mother, though neither of us have visited the site yet (as we hope to one day do it together). I know actually very little about the story, other than the blips Ive seen on other supernatural documentaries on TV, so the horrible dramatic reenactments are all I have to really go on here.

Ive had this particular book on my shelf for at least four or five years, so it was about time I read it.The book is meant to be a first person account by Richard Powell, a teacher and politician in Adams, TN in the early nineteenth-century. He falls for John Bells daughter, Elizabeth, and so is interested in the strange occurrences at her house not only out of fascination of the supernatural but because he also hopes to get in her pants one day. Old Kate is allegedly the Bell Witch, a poltergeist that starts by pulling the blankets off the sleeping children but then eventually grows so powerful as to beat poor Betsy with her invisible hands.

Powell here transcribes the events that occurred at the Bell home - some told him by members of the family or other eyewitnesses, and some seen and experienced by himself.The real trick here is honestly there is a lot of dialogue. Even in the situations where someone told someone who told Powell about an event that happened, the dialogue is almost flawless, and the story is told in such a way that seems rather firm and decided. We have seen today what happens when authors try to pass off fiction as truth (ahem, James Frey), and while reading The Bell Witch I felt very similar as I did while reading A Million Little Pieces...

that while perhaps written semi-well, the dude has an impeccable memory! The fact that Powell also wanted to jump Betsys bones makes one question whether or not he was even telling the whole story, or if he went along with what Betsy told him, or that love is just blind, even when the object of ones affections is stark, raving mad.Food for thought. Until I do more reading on the Bell witch, I hesitate to base any knowledge directly on this text.

On the cover of the book, Fangoria claims that its hard to put the book down, or something to that affect. I found that the only reason this was so is that it was written as one text (allegedly a letter from Powell to his daughter explaining these experiences), with no breaks or chapters. The only reason I didnt want to put the book down was out of fear that I wouldnt be able to find my place again.

And while its a quick read, I found it more tedious than riveting, having to hear the same story told over in different ways and wishing Powell and Betsy would just fuck and get it over with already.

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